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Please notice, that this Shop system is only for European customers, the Shop language is only available in German.

If you come from overseas and would like to buy one or several articles, please send us an E-Mail.

We like to send you a short translation of the German article-description and name you the total-shipping costs to your country.

If you want a translation, like to order, or have any other question about an article, please send us the name and also the article number of the item, for example: ArtNr.: 5884

Please notice, that we only ship items after your payment had arrived.
At the moment there are over 2000 different articles in our Shop.
We offer exclusively original OLD collector items, so NO new ones.
The categories are always in the left area + sub-categories.
For detail-information, you simply click on the superscript as well as small picture-file of the corresponding article...   
Order for European customers:
The order is simply and essentially states by itself.
To be able to order in the Shop article, you must first position an Account.
The desk is simply and takes care of in 2 minutes.
All statements are treated confidentially and are given at third further.
You please input all necessary data as new tidings there carefully, these are necessary for the later order-handling.
You simply click in order to position your Account: HERE

If you already have an Account by us and visit our Shop again, you only need your E-Mail address and your password to login and you are able to order.

Now we wich you much success and luck in our Shop.

Many greetings,

Frank Rohde 


...für weitere reduzierte Artikel klicken Sie einfach auf den Pfeil
Konvolut "9 x Schmucktelegramme Deutsche Reichspost" von 1941
Statt 125,00 EUR
Nur 79,00 EUR

incl. MwSt. exkl.

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